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Full-time students:

£6,200 per annum for courses awarded by Staffordshire University

£5,950 per annum for courses awarded by NSCG

Part-time students:

£3,100 per annum for courses awarded by Staffordshire University

£2,975 per annum for courses awarded by NSCG

The Foundation Degree in Education, and the Foundation Degree in Education (Early Childhood Studies) costs £4,960 for year 1 and 2, and £2,480 for year 3.

Student Loans:

There are two types of loans to help new students cover the costs of their higher education course in college: tuition fee loans and living cost loans (also called maintenance loans). You pay these loans back when you finish your course and earn over £27,295 per annum.

Tuition fee loans

Tuition fee loans are available to help full-time and part-time students pay the cost of your tuition fees. They are paid directly to the University/College by the Government.

What you have to pay back:

You’ll have to repay anything you borrow, but it works a bit differently than you might expect. How much you repay each month depends on your income, not how much you borrowed.

You won’t have to repay anything until you’re earning over a certain amount, which is currently £27,295 a year. If you earn less than that, you won’t have to repay anything. If you’re earning more than that, we’ll work out your repayments at 9% of your income over that amount.

By the time you start repaying, the amounts will be different. Have a look at the table to see some examples of what you might repay based on the current threshold of £27,295 a year:

Example of student loan repayments

If your income changes for any reason, your repayments will change automatically. And if you haven’t finished repaying after 30 years, your loan balance will be cancelled – so your loan won’t be with you forever.

Maintenance Loans (living cost)

Full-time students can apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs. Maintenance Loans are paid into your bank account at the start of each term.

How much you can get depends on where you live and study, and your household income.

The following table shows the maximum amount you can get based on where you live while studying. How much you get depends on your household income.

Full Year Student

Non-Income Assessed

Income Assessed

Maximum Loan

Parental Home








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